Selling Your Cask

Explore Options for Selling Your Cask


Sell your cask via our Auction You Cask platform. We hold auctions quarterly, giving you multiple chances to sell your casks throughout the year.

We don’t charge seller fees for maximum returns and work with you to set a reserve price. Join our next auction to unleash your casks’ potential!

No matter where your cask comes from, if you’re ready to sell, we’re ready to help. Register now and submit your cask information for our review.

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Bottle your cask for your brand or to mark a special occasion such as company anniversaries, birthdays, or events. There are various packaging options for your cask. You could package it to create your very own whisky brand, establishing a whisky completely unique to yourself. Our team is available to provide expert guidance and support at each stage of the process.

Buy-Back By Cask Trade

Based on market conditions and the quality of your cask, we offer a buy-back option where can repurchase your cask back from you at a mutually agreed price.


List your cask on our stock list for sale. Our stock list is regularly viewed by clients around the world, including investors, collectors, and independent bottlers, providing you with a chance to access a global audience of potential buyers.

Private Sale

Sell your cask privately, and will assist you to facilitate the transfer of cask ownership. We will ensure that the new cask owner is fully informed about everything they need to know, including the details of the cask and the process involved in its ownership transfer.

Our team will guide both you and the new owner through every step of the way, providing support and answering any questions that may arise. We handle the entire process professionally and efficiently, making the experience of selling your cask a smooth and hassle-free one.

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