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Our expansive inventory includes a wide variety of new-make, young, old, and rare casks from both high-quality boutique distilleries and world-renowned ones. We provide premium Scotch whisky from over 90 distilleries across Scotland, as well as Irish whiskey, New World Whisky, Caribbean Rum, Cognac, and Armagnac.

Casks Highlights

1998 Refill Barrel
1997 Hogshead
2013 Barrel
Glen Grant
1994 Barrel
Glen Moray
1995 Hogshead
2002 Oloroso Hogshead
Orkney Island Single Malt
1999 Barrel
Islay Single Malt
1991 Barrel

Scotch Whisky

We offer whiskies from all six regions—Speyside, Islay, Highland, Lowland, Campbeltown, and the Islands. Our range includes everything from new-make to old, rare premium casks, catering to different investors, trade and bottlers’ needs.

Irish Whiskey

A selection of renowned Irish whiskey casks from both established and emerging distilleries across Ireland.

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Rest of the World

In addition to traditional Scottish and Irish whiskies, we offer pure rum and premium armagnac. These are carefully sourced from globally-renowaned distilleries, each with a unique taste and history.

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Exclusive Cask Partnerships

The Cotswolds Distillery

The Cotswolds Distillery, located in an area of outstanding beauty, has been crafting award-winning spirits since 2014. Focusing on quality and flavor, they utilize traditional methods and local ingredients to produce exceptional single malt whiskies, gins, and liqueurs. Their commitment to excellence and community is a hallmark of their brand.

Renegade Rum Distillery

Renegade Rum, a limited first batch of high-quality Grenadian rum, has garnered substantial interest from the US and French markets. Made from pure and fresh sugar cane juice and sourced from their own farms in Grenada, this rum benefits from the island’s fertile volcanic soil and microclimates.

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