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Cask Management Service

We are with you every step of the way. Account management doesn’t end once a purchase is made .We oversee your cask throughout its lifetime. Tailored to your needs and budget, we will select the highest quality casks. Then through regular checks and tastings, we will look after your cask throughout its lifetime.

Cask Management Service

Cask Sample

We provide a free sample of the first cask that customers are interested in purchasing, subject to availability and genuine interest. If customers opt to buy a whisky or rum cask and choose to mature it longer instead of bottling it immediately, a sample cost of approximately £50-£100 per cask will be charged. This cost does not include postage for the sample.

Cask Regauge

Our cask health check service provides valuable information such as volume, alcohol content, and a sample of the cask. This data enables us to give accurate advice to our private clients about their cask’s maturation process. Regauging costs can range from around £50 to £100, depending on the cask type and warehouse location. As the customer’s Duty Representative, Cask Trade requests samples/regauges from the relevant warehouse and bills the customer accordingly. We offer this service because the casks are held under the customer’s name but under Cask Trade’s WOWGR (warehouse license).

Cask Storage

Cask storage fees are charged annually to the customer, specifically in January. The estimated cost for a hogshead or barrel is approximately £40-£50 per year. Meanwhile, a sherry butt is estimated to cost £50-£60 per year, depending on the warehouse.

Cask Insurance

If your whisky cask is stored under our WOWGR, we can offer an annual insurance quote. Our comprehensive stock insurance, underwritten by Aviva, has an annual premium starting at £50+VAT. The cost will vary depending on the total value of your casks.

From Grain to Glass:

Discovering the Lifecycle of a Cask

Whisky’s journey from grain to glass is less known despite its popularity as a beverage. This transformation process involves several intriguing steps.


In this enlightening short film, Cask Trade Director Colin Hampden-White guides viewers through the life of a whisky cask. He sheds light on the stages from distillation and cask filling to maturation and bottling. Colin traverses through Speyside in Scotland, visiting unique sites and engaging with the dedicated individuals involved in creating the beloved golden drink – from grain to glass.

Your Cask, Our Care:

From Sourcing to Storage

We conduct health checks and take samples from all casks to ensure their high quality and good condition. We can assist you with taste testing the casks according to your needs and provide tasting notes for your reference. Your casks are safely stored under our own WOWGR license, complete with professional cask management service.


Cask Management

Can I request samples of my whisky cask?

Yes, you can. Please contact our team to request a cask sample drawing. The cost per cask sample is approximately £50-£100, plus postage.

What is the annual storage charge?

The weekly storage costs range from £0.40 to £0.70 pence. These costs may vary depending on the warehouse and the size of the cask.

How can I insure my cask?

If your whisky cask is held under our WOWGR, we can provide an annual insurance quote. Our comprehensive stock insurance is underwritten by Aviva. The annual premium starts at £50+VAT and varies based on the total value of your casks. Please contact us for a quotation.

How can I do a cask health check?

If you have purchased a cask from us, you can request a cask regauge by contacting your account manager. The regauge costs range from approximately £50 to £100, depending on the cask and warehouse location.

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