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Your Chance to Be A Whisky Cask Owner

Your dream of owning a cask of whisky or spirits is now achievable with Cask Trade. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in cask trading, our knowledgeable team can help you choose the perfect cask based on your budget, preference and ownership goals.


Cask Trade, an award-winning and transparent cask marketplace based in the UK, is committed to serving collectors, investors, and trade bottlers with complete honesty and transparency. We are stockists, not brokers, meaning we own every cask we sell. This ensures 100% transactional guarantee for our customers.


We offer a market leading stocklist, offering a range of liquids that span from four to over 40-years-old, from over 170 distilleries. We only source from well-known distillers with a reputation for producing excellent whisky.

Fully Licensed Global Cask Suppliers

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    UK Based & HMRC Registered

    • We are a fully-licensed cask company with our own WOWGR license. You can be certain that your casks are in the safest possible hands.
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    Buy & Sell Casks Worldwide

    • With our roots in the UK, our cask trading service has expanded to a regional office in Hong Kong, devoted to serving investors and bottlers throughout the APAC regions.
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    Extensive Range of Casks

    • We offer a range of casks, from new-make spirits to those over 40+ years old. Our selection includes whisky and spirits from both well-known distillers and hidden gems, all renowned for their excellent products.

Hassle-Free Cask Buying and Selling

At CaskTrade, we put you at the forefront of your investment, offering cask samples through your cask journey. This gives you the confidence and assurance that you’re choosing your favourite cask from our extensive inventory. When the time is right for you to sell, we’re right there with you, providing expert support whether you are looking to sell, bottle or auction your cask.

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Cask Ownership Guide

A comprehensive cask ownership guide for every cask owner.

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